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San Diego sports teams have something for every fan!

San Diego sports teams are fun to watch during a visit or even if you live here. Whether you want to see a major league baseball game or minor league women’s soccer you can find it here in San Diego. If you want to avoid parking trouble and traffic the trolley will take you to [...]

See migrating whales when you go whale watching in San Diego!

Whale watching as an organized activity dates back to 1950 when the Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma was declared a public spot for the observation of Gray Whales. Each year, around 26,000 gray whales (Eschrichtius robustus) make the 10,000 mile journey from the Arctic Sea south to Baja and back. In fact, the gray [...]

Want to see animals roaming together? Then visit the San Diego Wild Animal Park (Zoo Safari Park)

Honestly, I always thought the Wild Animal Park (recently renamed the San Diego Zoo Safari Park) was kind of boring. Especially compared to the zoo and Sea World and all the other cool places in San Diego. It gets hotter there than most places in San Diego since it’s inland, so be prepared for that. [...]

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